Our desire is to build a resting place for God in our city. A space that houses revival. A space where we can come together and encounter the power and presence of God, where younger generations will grow in the love and knowledge of God, and where leaders can be trained in His ways. A space full of vibrance and creativity. A place for His glory. We invite you to join us!


In order to Build the HOUSE, we endeavor to raise $1.3 million over the next 18 months through monthly pledges and one time gifts. Our goal is to see every person who calls HOUSE Denver their home participating with this campaign, however big or small.

PHASE I: Purchase — $300,000 by June 11, 2023 for the purchase of our building.

PHASE II: Build —  $500,000 to prepare our worship center and prayer room for use and to begin interior renovation of the building.

PHASE III: Complete — $500,000 to complete interior renovation, and to renovate the exterior of the building and patio areas.

No matter how big or small, we believe that God will respond to our sacrifice and provide everything we need to do for the building, to fulfill everything we’re called to do in the city.

Heaven is My throne, And earth is My footstool. Where is the HOUSE you will build Me? Where is the place of My rest?


It is our great privilege and joy to be the pastors of HOUSE Denver. Our hearts are so encouraged by this community of passionate believers who are in love with Jesus and committed to following Him wholeheartedly in this city. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that God always honors hunger. He comes where He’s wanted.

For the last 9 years, our church has withstood much change and uncertainty with a willingness to “go anywhere and do anything” and now we believe God is inviting us into a new dimension of faith. We believe that now is the time to plant our roots in the city of Denver…





“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain” (Ps 127:1). We’re asking the Lord to lead this process and make a way. Pray that he would provide everything we need to do for the building to fulfill everything we’re called to do in this city.


We invite you to prayerfully consider making a PLEDGE to stand with us for the 18-month duration of the campaign. 

This building is not going to be purchased, built, and completed without the help of every part of our family. Our goal is to see everyone who calls HOUSE Denver their home church engaged in equal sacrifice. We urge you to ask the Holy Spirit to lead you as we stretch ourselves to give above and beyond our current giving for the next 18 months.


Your 18-month commitment will go towards Build the HOUSE. After you complete your commitment card, you can set up your recurring giving through the various ways below.



Make checks out to HOUSE Denver with “building fund” in the memo line. Mail to HOUSE Denver, 1885 S Ogden St, Denver, CO 80210.

For wire fund instructions, please contact us below.